Welcome to my site, will let you know a bit about myself.

Let's start with what is important l am a Tech enthusiast with a weakness for Computer Vision, well as a Data scientist for fun; also a proud blood donor. l am an O+ by the way .
As far as academics goes l am a final year at the Zimbabwe Open University doing my BSC. in Information Technology after transferring from my Computer Science degree that l was doing when l enrolled at the University of Zimbabwe
For the entire 2018 calendar year l was an intern at Chartered Systems Integration.
Then did a year and two months at Deep Analytics were l was the AI tech lead before pursuing tech consultancy full time.
Recently l got employeed at CBZ Holdings as their Group Lead Machine Learning Engineer.
Apart from the above there isn't much to say apart from the fact that l like learning and sharing my knowledge through any means teaching, coding etc...

A verifiable badge form the School of AI

I am the official Southern Africa regional Head Dean for the School of AI as well Dean of Harare. [watch the Video]
It basically means from the School of AI; l was selected to be the Dean of Harare lol ☺
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Also was privileged to make the Computer Vision course for Qversity which is accredited by The City College of New York.

l am the Zimbabwe National Ambassador for Alliance 4 Ai
The mission of our alliance is to promote Africa AI, to ensure that Africans develop the capacity to contribute to global development of AI, and apply it to solving pivotal socio-economic challenges that will position the continent for accelerated growth.

I also happen to be a member of Deep Analytics if you got time feel free to go through the website.

A little gift l received from the Stack Exchange network as a sign of appreciation "namely StackOverflow and Artificial Intelligence"
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oh and these as well...